Fun (but challenging) show last night

Our show at Hog Creek last night saw the maiden voyage of our new in-ear monitor system … needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend trying IEMs for the first time at a gig–do yourself a favor and get used to them first. But I think we’ll love ’em in the long run. Thanks to Steve and Tony for taking on the technical challenges of configuring our IEMs for the first time. We also had Jessica Gardner on hand to film the first-ever After Midnight documentary … Looking forward to seeing the footage.

Had a small handful of spirited dancers in the second and third sets. And it’s always nice to see some newlyweds come to a show after we played their wedding reception a few weeks back. Had a pretty ambitious set list and managed to get through, though clumsily, a couple of our more challenging numbers  (“Light My Fire,” “Love You Madly”), but the show goes on. Tough to be polished when you haven’t played together in about a month.

So, we now have more gear than we know what to do with. Anbody interested in doing a graduate assistantship in roadie ergonomics? We’re going on four bad backs. Show on Sunday, then a break till Aug. 20 when we play La Fiesta again. Hope to see y’all there!

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